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Oled siin: Algus National Programme for Estonian Language Technology (2011-2017)

National Programme for Estonian Language Technology (2011-2017)

Overview of the National Programme.

The National Programme for Estonian Language Technology (NPELT) aims to achieve a level of language technology support for the Estonian language to enable the language to successfully operate and thrive in today's information technology-based world.

The programme funds language technology research and development, from the compilation of resources to the creation of application prototypes.

In order to attain a sustainable level of Estonian language technology, projects and targeted actions are funded through five sub-measures:

    R&D projects for software prototype development;
    Projects for the creation of new language resources;
    Center of Estonian Language Resources;
    Projects integrating language software into other applications;
    Targeted development projects.
The current programme differs from the previous NPELT (2006-2010) in that in addition to the development of software prototypes and language resources, emphasis is also placed on the creation of language technology applications and the dissemination of both existing and newly created resources and software.

The use of the intellectual property (language resources and software prototypes) created through this programme is regulated with different types of user licenses for different purposes (public use, research, business applications). The software and resources will be disseminated via the Center of Estonian Language Resources (CELR).

The list of projects that are currently funded through NPELT can be found in the Projects section.

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